Where will I be picked up?

If you are traveling to the airport, we will pick you up at the pick-up address you specified when you made your booking. This can be your home address, your office address or a hotel. For the return journey, our staff will welcome you at the respective drop-off point according to the outward journey. If we pick you up from Düsseldorf International Airport, the meeting point is always Departure Terminal B 10.

Can I take my animal with me?

Yes, small animals up to a maximum of 10 kg can be taken along in a transport box. Please register your animals when booking your transfer; otherwise the transport of your animals cannot be guaranteed. The transport costs 8 euros per transport box.

Can I take special baggage with me?

Yes, special baggage includes bicycles, prams, surfboards, golf equipment, diving equipment, wheelchairs, music and sound equipment (e.g. violin cases, etc.), travel cots, moving boxes, etc. You must pack your special baggage accordingly, as we are responsible for this in the event of damage in transit do not take legal responsibility. The transport costs 8 euros per piece of special luggage.

Can I pay cashless?

No Unfortunately, we cannot accept EC or credit card payments.

Do I have to pay night supplements?

No, we do not charge any surcharges.

What is the maximum number of people that can use the airport shuttle?

In principle, there is no limit to the number of people in our transfers. With a booking volume of up to three passengers per transfer, cars are usually used. Minibuses are usually used for four to eight passengers.